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Internal Quality Assurance Cell(iqac)


  • 1. The Musaliar Education Trust, a charitable trust, was founded in the year 2001 by a group of well settled educationalists and technocrats having vast experience in the Educational, Engineering, Administration and Management fields. The Trust started an Engineering Institution, ‘Musaliar College of Engineering, Chirayinkeezh’ on a scenic hillock over an area of 12.5 acres with unique teaching-learning environment in 2011 with the aim of imparting quality engineering education to future generations specially the upliftment of the socially, educationally and economically challenged sections of society.
  • 2. Monitoring of the various activities and taking timely corrective measures wherever required for the betterment of the system was the strength of the institution. Quality monitoring in various forms existed in the institution ever since its birth. However a formal ‘Quality Assurance System’- the ‘Internal Quality Assurance Cell’ (IQAC) – of Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology was established on 08 July 2015 in line with the guide lines of National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

Composition of the IQAC

 The composition of the IQAC would be as below:-

Sl NoDesignationAppointments/DesignationPresent Incumbent
1ChairmanHead of the InstitutionDr K.K Abdul Rasheed
2Management RepresentativeSecretary, METShri Ibrahimkutty IFS(Retd.)
3CoordinatorHoD,EEEProf.Shimi Mohan
4Member, Department of H&SHoD, BSProf Vijayababu
5Member, Department of CEAssistant ProfessorProf Priya Kumari S
6Member, Department of MEHoD,MEProf Thilak S.Kumar
7Member, Department of ECEHoD, ECEProf Shamna.A.R
8Member, Department of CSEHoD,CSEProf Remya R.S
9Member, Department of EEEAsst ProfProf  Thaha H.S
10Nominee, Alumni Mr.Sarath.S
12Nominee from IndustrialistsProject Manager, Infosys  Mr. Lalprakash P.S
13Nominee from PTAPTASmt.Benazeer S
14Nominee from Students (Final year, EEE) Mis.Amina Salim

Initiatives by IQAC at Musaliar College of Engineering , Chirayinkeezhu


  • Detailed inventory check to assess the condition of systems, equipments, furniture and fittings.
  • Disposal of all items beyond economical repairs and replacements in a phased manner.
  • Creation of additional tutorial rooms facility and fire escape stairs for the main block.
  • Revamping of rain water harvesting systems.
  • Equipping the class rooms with projection systems.
  • Renovation of sports and games facilities.


  • Publishing well defined ‘Academic Calendar’ incorporating all university and college activities much before the semester start.
  • Ensuring pre-semester preparations in terms of Subject allocation as per expertise and experience, Course planning, lesson plans, lecture notes, course outcome, it’s mapping with the program outcome, assessment schedule, assignment schedule and examination questions etc. 
  • Even distribution of work load and preparation of time table in consultation with all departments.
  • Biweekly review of academic coverage and organizing extra classes for compensation of lost periods on account of unplanned activities/strikes/hartals etc.
  • Introduction of ‘Good Morning Test’ to inculcate a habit of concurrent learning in students.
  • Compilation of question papers of previous university examinations and preparing model answers for the same for the use of students.
  • Grouping of students based on the academic performance and organizing remedial classes for needy students.
  • Organised study sessions at hostels under the supervision of Resident Tutors.
  • Regular feedback to parents on attendance and academic performance.
  • Streamlining the mentoring system in which one staff advisor assigned the responsibility of not more than 20 students and maintaining the records.
  • Preliminary Feedback on university examination within 24 hours and detailed feedback on result announcement by the respective faculty.

Knowledge Enrichment Programs

 Induction training to newly inducted faculty.

  • Organised Faculty Development Programs and workshops.

Motivational Activities

  • Cash awards to toppers of each year.
  • Financial support to faculties for presenting papers in conferences and journal publications.
  • Financial support for attending selected Faculty Development Programs