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Career Enhancement

Yoga & Meditation

The yoga club was formally instituted in the department of MBA . It can prepare the students physically and mentally for the integration of their physical, mental and spiritual faculties so that the students can become healthier, saner and more integrated members of the society and of the nation. Yoga education helps in self discipline and self-control, leading to immense amount of awareness, concentration and higher level of consciousness. Briefly the aims and objectives of Yoga education are:

1) To enable the student to have good health.
2) To practice mental hygiene.
3) To possess emotional stability.
4) To integrate moral values.
5) To attain higher level of consciousness.

To achieve the aforesaid objectives department has included yoga in the weekly time table . Every Wednesday , the first session ( 9.00 a.m to 10.30 a.m) is scheduled for the same.

Prof. Dr. K.K Anirudhan functions as the faculty coordinator .

1. Weekly one and half hour session .
2. Celebration of International Yoga Day

Bridge Course

Bridge Courses are arranged for the First Year B.Tech students. Bridge Courses is organized to bridge the gap between the subjects at school level and College level. The classes are conducted at the beginning of the first semester. The students who are joining for higher education can attend the bridge course.

Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology conducts Bridge Courses at the beginning of the academic year for the first year students. An orientation is given to the students about engineering subjects. The classes are handled by experienced faculties from various Departments.

The course schedule will be prepared well in advance and strictly followed.

Language Lab

An engineering graduate should have good communication skills along with technical skills. Language Labs are used for improving the communication skills of the students.

Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology have a  well equipped  lab which is used as the language lab. A Faculty is assigned as the in charge of the lab who will organize sessions for the students. Usually a time table is prepared for the Language Lab along with other subjects.

The students can use the sessions to learn various languages.

Remedial Coaching

Remedial classes are mainly for slow  learning students to improve their learning capacity. Remedial Classes are organized on working days after the regular teaching hours of the college and on holidays. Remedial coaching classes are completed before the commencement of exams and model.

Slow learners are identified using various evaluation methods and are given remedial classes. Time table for the remedial classes are prepared and students are intimated. Slow learners of all the classes are given remedial classes. Usually The sessions are handled by a faculty who have expertise in the subject.

Soft Skill Development

The placement cell extends services towards career counseling and many soft skill training like  group discussions, public speaking skill etc. The cell conducts several programs to improve the soft skills of the students with an aim to place final year students in respectable organizations through campus recruitment. The cell conducts training activities for the final year students mainly focusing on career planning, personality development communication skill improvement.

The training sessions are handled by expert teams. Musaliar College of Engineering & Technology has partnered with various teams to provide our students with best in class trainings.

Career Counselling

The mission of Training and Placement Cell is to achieve maximum placement for students through dedication, attitude and complete involvement. The T&P cell holds the objective of acquainting the students of the institute with industries. The Placement cell organizes and extends services towards collaborative placement activities. The cell conducts training activities for the final year students mainly focusing on Career planning, Personality Development, public speaking, group building activities, Entrepreneurship Development. Continuous interaction of the cell with the industries also helps in achieving the above goals & motivating students to contribute in this direction. This cell also helps students to improve their command on English language & communication skills.

Placement Cell of Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology organizes career counselling for the final year students to give a direction in their career. Experts will help the students to clear their doubts and focus in proper direction.

Competative Examinations

Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology conducts training programs to help the students in Competitive Examinations. The students are given proper understanding about their career progression.

Post graduation is the aim of majority of the graduating students. So Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology provides training for various examinations like GATE, IELTS etc.

The GATE training is conducted by the faculties in the departments. Classes are organized and conducted for the students apart from their regular classes.

Personal Counselling

A College is a place where a variety of people exists. Each individual will have their own problems. The students in their vibrant age will have so many personal problems. This can affect their studies and career.

Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology give personal caring for all the students. A mentor mentee relation exists in the campus. Each student will have a mentor. Mentors helps to solve problems up to an extend.

An external Counsellor is also arranged by the college to give counselling to students who are identified with some problems.