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Department of Civil Engineering of Musaliar College of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 2011. The Department was formed with a Vision, to be a fountain head of quality education delivering civil engineers empowered with core knowledge, skill and personality who can lead a sustainable society.

With the aid of industry and academia connections, our department offers various activities to the students and the faculty in the form of industry/site visits, expert talks, Faculty Development Programs (FDP) and Conferences. Our students prepare themselves to pursue higher studies in engineering and technology, management and related areas and gradually move into teamwork and leadership positions. At present the sanctioned intake is 60 with a provision of admitting six diploma holders in the third semester under lateral entry scheme.

The department possesses eminent and experienced teaching faculty with strong publications. We have faculty members who are Ph D degree holders from IIT and NIT and with vast  teaching experience. Faculty members have professional affiliations in IGS, IE (India), ISTE etc. The department boasts of excellent Academic experience imparted by our experienced and friendly faculty members. Students are consistently encouraged to improve their Academic credentials along with developing technical skills.

The department laboratories are equipped with all the required instruments and machines for different laboratory as well as field tests. In addition to imparting Laboratory courses to students in accordance with KTU syllabus, the Department provides Consultancy works to Governmental and Non Governmental agencies with the aid of Civil engineering laboratories such as Surveying lab, Material Testing lab, Geotechnical Engineering lab, Environmental Engineering lab, Transportation Engineering lab, Concrete lab and Computer Aided Drafting lab. The Department has MoUs with Govermental and Non governmental agencies for Consultancy works and Training programs. In addition to Central Library the Department has a Department Library with a good collection of various books.

Our students have membership in various student bodies like Institute of Engineers India (IEI) Chapter, Indian Society for technical education (ISTE), Association of Civil Engineering. The students get a chance to participate in various co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities with the aid of these professional bodies.

Head of the Department

Ms Manju R graduated from Cochin University of Science and Technology with an M.Tech in Computer-Aided Structural Analysis and Design. She is in the teaching profession for 13 years and has also worked in industry for 7 years. She has organised and actively participated in both national and international events.

Fracture mechanics and composite materials are two of her research interests. She has guided many student projects at the B.Tech. and M.Tech. levels.

Prof.Priyakumari S

  • Associate Professor and HoD
  • M.Tech

Prof.Jasmine Mohommed

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

Prof.Vivek V.R

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

Prof.Hafiz Hashimkutty

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

Prof.Swathy S

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

Prof.Nibin Gafoor

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

Prof.Saranya Chandran

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

Prof.Lakshmi Chandran J

  • Asst Professor
  • M.Tech

To be a fountain head of quality education delivering civil engineers empowered with core   knowledge, skill and personality who can lead a sustainable society.













  • To develop civil engineers of high caliber and technical skills through   quality education, and industry exposure to serve their surroundings with pride.
  • To inculcate a creative mind in students and to build-up their inborn technical talents through additional skill development programmes.
  • To provide knowledge based consultancy services to the community in all areas of civil engineering.
  • To create competent civil engineers who are capable of upholding ethical values and principles of sustainable development to face the challenges of future.















Our Graduates are expected to:

PEO-1: Graduates will be actively engaged in a professional career as a civil engineer or will be pursuing advanced study.

PEO-2: Graduates will understand professional practice issues and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

PEO-3: Graduates will be  guided by the principles of sustainable development in executing civil engineering projects by conserving the resources and leading to a healthier society.














PSO-1: Apply knowledge in analysis, design, survey, testing and construction of civil engineering structures.

PSO-2: To develop and design sustainable and smart infrastructure considering the global environmental challenges.















Engineering Graduates will be able to:

PO1-Engineering knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, Engineering fundamentals, to solve Electrical Engineering  problems.

PO2-Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, analyse and interpret data to meet desired needs in Electrical Engineering

PO3-Design/development of solutions: Design, evaluate and find suitable solution for complex problems  in the field of Electrical and Electronics engineering.

PO4-Conduct investigations of complex problems: Assess real-life  engineering problems related to Electrical and Electronic Systems and arrive at solutions through research methods

PO5-Modern tool usage: Select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools including prediction and modeling to engineering applications.

PO6-The Engineer and society: Function as socially responsible engineers, who can apply their fundamental  knowledge to assess societal ,health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

PO7-Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the engineering solutions in societal and environmental perspectives for sustainable development.

PO8-Ethics: Apply ethical principles and responsibilities during professional practice.

PO9-Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a team leader or member in multidisciplinary environment.

PO10- Communication: Communicate effectively with engineering community and the society at-large, such as ,being able to comprehend and write effective reports and make effective presentations.

PO11- Project management and finance: Understand engineering principles and management principles to plan and execute multidisciplinary projects.

PO12- Life -long learning: Practice in life-long learning to meet the demands of technological changes that relate to engineering as a whole and Electrical and electronics Engineering in particular.













1). Sand Auditing

The Department has contributed towards the Sand Auditing of Achancovil river. 

2).Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation Ltd

The Department has signed an MoU with Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation Ltd for the ” Conduct of Preliminary study on Shore protection works from Kollam Beach to Thanni and Stabilization of kollam Beach” for an estimated cost of Rs 5,00,000/-.

3). Rebuild Kerala

The Department also contributes towards Second Tier Quality monitoring of Flood Affected Roads through an MoU signed with Rebuild Kerala.

4). Asia Infrastructure Advisory Services Private Limited

Department has signed MoU with Asia Infrastructure Advisory Services Private Limited for training and placement. AIASPL is a pioneer in the field of  consultancy services in Civil Engineering. Interactive seminar on practices in Civil Engineer for fifth semester and semester students on 13th December 2022 by Abdul Nazer, MD, Asia Infrastructure Advisory Services Private Limited. Some of our students got placed in AIAPL.


  1. NPCC Ltd
  2. Irrigation Quality Control
  3. PWD Bridge Section
  4. Dam safety department
  5. Sivasakthi Constructions
  6. Poornendhu constructions
  7. LSGD Malayalapuzha, Maramon, Naranamoozhi
  8. District Nirmidhi Kendra
  9. Rebuild Kerala
  10. Heather Constructions












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    • Commencement of B Tech Classes (AY 2022-23) :

    S8: 30-01-2023

    S6: 06-02-2023

    S4: 06-02-2023












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