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About RSET Alumni Association

The MCC Alumni Association has been active ever since its inception in 2011. Activities include annual Alumni Day celebrations at the MCC campus, alumni group get together in different cities in India; a database of alumni information and a website to interact with alumni.
For the college, the true worth of its activities, in the long run, is the success of its alumni. To assist in strengthening the link with alumni, the college has setup an alumni office at MCC. It makes the college proud to know that its alumni have achieved success in their endeavors and have reached coveted positions -be it research, academics, industry, entrepreneurship, or management.
For the alumni of MCC who have had a good learning and social experience during their MCC years, and who are now unsure of how to continue their pleasant association with the college, the MCC Alumni Association provides the perfect forum.
The Alumni Association offers alumni the chance to keep abreast of the happenings at MCC and interact in more than one way, such as: technical collaboration in projects, professional network and academic collaboration.
The Alumni association also helps alumni to maintain contact with other alumni

President  –         Mr. Kiran Kumar  

Secretary –          Smt.Saranya Chandran